Christmas Cheer and Gospel for Orphans

Christmas Cheer and Gospel for Orphans

Students in a classroom at a Russian orphanage.

This year, Treasure Park children’s ministry is partnering with Kursk Orphanage Ministry in Russia. This ministry, run by Russian Christians, does outreach in state-run orphanages in a wide area housing about 1,200 children from infants through high-school-age students.

One of the highlights of our partnership will be providing Christmas gifts for the children at the orphanages. For $10 we can provide a toy, fruit and a Bible. We are asking our kids to give up one small Christmas gift worth $10, and give that sum to buy gifts for a child who might not otherwise get anything.

This past year, the upheaval between Russia and Ukraine had sparked some interesting conversations between Diana Landis, former administrative assistant for Beyond the Walls, and Mandi Christner, administrative assistant of Treasure Park. They talked about how missions are hampered and situations like this are often a cover for persecution of the church. Diana introduced us to this ministry near the Ukraine/Russia border.

With trouble increasing in the area, the people in Kursk Orphanage Ministry were having a harder time with their outreach to children. At Christmas, however, they have a special opportunity to bring the gospel along with gifts.

Will you join our Treasure Park students to give a gift to the orphans in Kursk? Bring your $10 to a Treasure Park volunteer or staff member in the Orange Lobby on Sunday, or drop it off at the church office during the week.

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