Enjoying ‘Community’ in Their Neighborhood

Enjoying ‘Community’ in Their Neighborhood

Grady Sanders enjoys a bite of S’more at their neighborhood picnic while his dad, Chad, watches.

By Bekah Sanders

We hosted a picnic a few weeks ago that was a hit with our neighbors. We actually held the picnic at our neighbors’ house because they have a large patio with a nice fire pit and more seating than we do, so it’s great for entertaining. I did the organizing and my neighbor, Faithe, offered her patio.

It was a great event! Our neighborhood is a one-mile stretch of road with 14 homes. Two neighbors were away that weekend and another had a family reunion, but everyone else was there. We don’t see each other often, but we all know each other pretty well.

It seems that once people move in here, they feel no need to leave. We moved in about two years ago and were the first new people to move into the neighborhood in 17 years. It’s pretty cool living in a “community” where people stick around and know each other that well. We definitely know that if we needed anything, we could always ask our neighbors. They’ve been willing to feed our fish, get our mail and even tend our chickens while we were away, and we’ve done the same for them, minus the chickens. We’re the only ones crazy enough to have those! 

Back to the picnic. We grilled a meal and everyone brought a side or dessert to share. There was plenty of food to go around. It was a cool evening, so we started a fire and people hung out and chatted until around 8:30.  I think all of our neighbors attend a church, so it was no big deal for Chad, my husband, to pray before the meal. In fact, I think it was expected.

Another couple talked of hosting next year because they recently put in a pool. We hosted just an ice cream social last year, and expanded with dinner this year, so I’m thinking this will probably be a yearly event and I will look forward to it.

Since moving into this house, we’ve been thankful for the blessings that it has provided, but even more thankful for the blessings we didn’t even know we were getting in our super neighbors. I think my sister hit the nail on the head one time when she said that we “hit the neighbor jackpot.”  I want to thank the church for providing the Giant gift card and the extra push to make this event happen again. I think we’ve started a trend in our neighborhood that will keep going for many years!

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