Shedding Light on Sanctuary Remodeling

Shedding Light on Sanctuary Remodeling

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What will be different when I arrive at church on February 1?

A -The Heritage service will remain in the auditorium at 8 a.m. The platform and room will be set up for all three Sunday worship services in that room. At 9:15 and 11 a.m. chairs will be set up in two locations: the main lobby (about 250) and the auditorium (about 500). You may choose either location. Both locations will have a live message – although there will be two speakers each week, they will preach on the same topic from the same text. Both locations will have a live band that will lead worship with the same music set of songs.

Q2 Who will be speaking?

A – Three of our pastors will share preaching responsibilities during the remodel: George Davis, Kevin Dixon and David Boerema. Each week two of them will prepare a message based on the same text and topic. One of those two will be assigned to speak at the Heritage service. On Sunday morning, just before each of the other services, the two speakers will be told the location where they will speak. It is our desire that you choose the location best suited for you, your family and your arrival time – not based upon a speaker.

Q3 How will Children’s Ministries be impacted?

A – There will be no ministry or room changes for Children’s Ministries. Check-in stations will be relocated to reduce interference with traffic flow.

Q4 How will Student Ministries be impacted?

A – There will be no classes offered for students on Sunday mornings. Students are encouraged to worship with their family.

Q5 Will coffee be available?

A – Coffee will be available in Connecting Point (until the main lobby service begins), in the green lobby and in the orange lobby. Coffee will no longer be available in the Core Café for the 8 a.m. Heritage service since the wall will be open and chairs ready for the next worship service.

Q6 Where should I park?

A – All parking lots will be open; however, all entrances into the main lobby will be closed when the service begins. If you arrive late, the lower and back parking lots will give you quick and easy access to enter the building.

Q7 Where will I hang my coat?

A – Coat racks around the outside of the sanctuary will continue to be available. Feel free to take your coat into the auditorium and hang it on the back of your chair.

Q8 What can I do to help?

A 1) There are many new serving opportunities created by simultaneous services. Please stop by Serve Point for more information.

2) In order to accommodate the number of people who typically attend the 9:15 a.m. service, it would be very helpful for some of us to switch to the 11 a.m. service.

3) Pray – Pray for the construction workers. Pray for those who have not yet decided to follow Jesus – that they might be welcomed and challenged by the gospel. Pray for our teaching staff, worship teams, and welcoming teams as they assume greater responsibilities during this season of remodeling.

4) Enjoy the opportunities created by this unique season. Meet new people. Serve in a new role. Practice flexibility. Celebrate God’s faithfulness.

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