Thanking Julian Richter for his Service

Thanking Julian Richter for his Service


A few weeks ago we announced a reconfiguration of the Communications Department. As we thank Julian Richter for his years of service, please join us in praying for him during this time of transition as he seeks God’s leading for the next season of work and ministry.

Julian was supported by Hershey Free Church at Black Forest Academy where he served as Communications Supervisor from 1989 through 1999. Upon his return from the mission field in 2000 Julian was hired as our Director for Communications.

Over the years Julian was responsible for planning and implementing the communications strategy and programming for both organizations. This originally included maintaining and writing for our weekly publications along with finding creative ways to communicate with a diverse congregation. His role at Hershey Free developed over the years as the internet introduced new platforms for communication.

In addition to his staffing responsibilities, Julian and his wife, Cindy, have been substitute house parents at Milton Hershey School and helped minister to the MHS students who attended our Sunday morning elementary ministries. Julian also served in the church’s Home Away From Home (HAFH) ministry, an outreach to internationals living in the greater Hershey community. Since 2002 Julian and Cindy were a Friendship Family for several internationals including a family from Germany, a Georgian couple, and a young single Chinese woman. They also attended HAFH socials where Julian often used his photography skills.

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