New Leader Selected

New Leader Selected


We have exciting news! We have hired a new leader for children’s ministries. Deb Hinkel has agreed to rejoin the staff of Hershey Free Church. Deb will be resigning her position as a professor at Lancaster Bible College and is expected to commence her new position with us on July 1. Deb previously served as Director for Children’s Ministries here from 1997 through 2002.

We have hired Deb to assume a new role: Director of Spiritual Formation and Family Ministry. She will be implementing the vision and direction of our children’s ministries as she oversees our paid staff and trains the Treasure Park children’s ministries volunteers.

Deb brings a distinct skill set to this ministry role. Deb is a skilled leader who is uniquely equipped to teach and train others. We, as a church, are excited that she will be able to use her gifts to emphasize the area of spiritual development in children’s ministries and throughout our church. As a member of the staff leadership, Deb will be able to help with the development and implementation of our ongoing disciple-making philosophy. She will be leading the effort to develop cohesive learning environments where the people who attend our church can grasp the essentials of the Bible and how it changes who we are and what we do. Deb understands that effective children’s ministry must be for and about the whole family. She wants to help parents in their role as the primary spiritual influencers in the lives of their children.

Deb has a vision for us, as a church, to collaborate among ministry areas to help children, students and adults become shaped and formed in relationship with God and with others. This is an exciting time when we will take a step forward in implementing our philosophy of ministry, anchored by our core values. It is our intention to provide several opportunities in the upcoming months where members and attendees may meet Deb. Even better, it will be an opportunity for Deb to describe her vision for this new role and to hear your thoughts about ministry to children and families.

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