Harrisburg Focus: Partnership with Center for Champions

Harrisburg Focus: Partnership with Center for Champions

In January of 2015, Hershey Free Church began a partnership with Center for Champions (CFC), an after-school program in Harrisburg with a mentorship emphasis. CFC has found that the involvement of committed mentors affects long-term student development: the graduation rate in Harrisburg city schools is 54%, but the graduation rate of children involved in Center for Champions is 100%. CFC not only focuses on the students in their program, but also gives attention to the whole family.

CFC Director Jeff Bruce visited with Hershey Free Church on March 1, where he promoted CFC’s mentorship program and invited Hershey Free to join CFC in its mission. On March 10, fifteen people from Hershey Free Church visited CFC and learned more about mentoring, tutoring, and other programs offered throughout the week. Doug Parson, one of the visitors from Hershey Free, shared about his own time growing up in Harrisburg. “I was fortunate enough to have an adult male motivated enough to help me,” Doug notes, “so it’s my turn to give back.”

How to Get Involved

If you would like to consider becoming a mentor, information and applications are available at www.centerforchampions.org; or you can contact Jeff Bruce at cfcjeffb@gmail.com or 717-232-9675. In addition, Center for Champions is currently in need of two 12-passenger vans, and they are looking to relocate; if you have connections that might help in their facility or vehicle search, please contact Jeff.

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