God is moving in the world!

God is moving in the world!

Just as there are ambassadors all over the world representing various countries, Hershey Free helps to fund ambassadors for Jesus Christ around the world. Below is one story from a couple that we’ve had the privilege of supporting for over 20 years in South East Asia!

“The day after we sent out our March update, I had an amazing encounter with a neighbor. I had been packing for our upcoming 17-day trip north and felt like doing some exercise. My intention was to be gone for 10 minutes to jog around our complex. Having done that, I waited by the elevator to take me to our floor. While I was waiting, a lady asked me if I lived in the building. She then asked me what I did. The next question was not the usual, “Are you a Christian,” but a more perceptive, “Are you a follower of Jesus?” I was delighted to say that I am. The next thing she said was, “I am not a Christian but I am a follower of Jesus, too.” If I didn’t look surprised, I was. Never before had I met a person who started a conversation like this. We introduced ourselves (her name was Wanda), and she invited me to visit with her in her apartment.

Wanda stopped me before going into her apartment. She said, “I have a daughter who I have to take care of.” Upon entering her apartment, I saw a girl on a bed in the living room. Wanda went on to say, “My daughter, Kaitlyn, has been like this for 10 years. When she was 6 years old, some medicine got stuck in her throat, and this is the result. Kaitlyn does not speak, walk, or feed herself.” Wanda continued, “It was when this happened that I turned to Jesus, and He has helped me these past 5 years. My husband also is a follower of Jesus. There was a time when our apartment was full of religious symbols, but not now—we follow only Jesus.”

Kaitlyn was wearing a bib, and Wanda was about to feed her, so I knew it was time to leave. I told Wanda that my husband and I like to gather with non-Christian believers in Jesus when we are in other cities, and to worship together by singing to Jesus and reading from the Bible as we learn together. She responded. “Could we do that here since I can’t leave Kaitlyn?”

 Thanks for your ongoing prayers and financial support of these and other missionaries around the world!

Note: Names and other details have been changed for privacy.

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