Culture Shock

Culture Shock

New Series Starts September 13

We’ve spent this past summer talking about identity. First we looked at our individual identity in Christ. Then we talked about our group identity as the church. Now as we enter autumn, we’ll discuss how to engage the culture of which we are a part. Who are we called to be in culture—not just current American culture, but any culture?

We will approach this idea through the lens of some current hot button cultural topics. Parents should take note that due to the nature of the topics, all sermons in this series are PG-rated.

Culture Shock Series Topics

September 13: Where do we go from here?
September 20: Marriage and Sex
September 27: Homosexuality
October 4: Possessions and Money
October 11: Parenting and Family
October 18: Entertainment and Fantasy
October 25: Hurry, Busyness, and the Pace of Life
November 1: Politics
November 8: War and Terrorism
November 15: Racism

Opportunities for Further Engagement

These topics are not so much meant to be “solved” as they are to be “engaged.” Questions will be answered; other questions will probably be raised. We are providing two opportunities for further engagement:

Cultural Conversations

On each Sunday of this series, a follow-up discussion group will be offered at 10:30 AM in room 403. This group will be a place where people who heard the message during the 8 or 9 AM service can process the topic further and engage others in meaningful conversation.

Website Forum

For those who are unable to attend Cultural Conversations, or for those who have lingering questions, an article will be published each week on the Hershey Free Church website that will interact with questions received earlier in the week. Questions can be submitted in two ways:

  1. Write questions on the Connection Card in the Sunday bulletin and place the card in the offering plate or drop it off at a Welcome Center;
  2. Email questions to

Be sure to check the website each week! And join us each Sunday as we tackle some of the tough topics that people are talking about!

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