Making a Difference Locally, Globally, and Socially

Making a Difference Locally, Globally, and Socially

Hershey Free Church has a heart for those who are in need. We want to be people who reach beyond ourselves to demonstrate the goodness of God to others through tangible expressions of his love. We have chosen to focus our energy and resources during each academic year on one strategic partner in each of three broad categories: local, global, and social justice.

As we look beyond our walls in 2015-16, our local focus will be Love INC, and our global focus will be Haiti. Having a local focus allows us to do some hands-on things to impact our community. We can help those in need right across the street, and we can join with other local churches in conjunction with Love INC to make a difference and to meet some local needs. We will continue our efforts in Haiti with STEP Seminary, ReachGlobal, and GlobalFingerprints. We will be sending several short-term teams to Haiti for prayer, communication, teaching, construction, and other ministry. We would love to send 75 people to Haiti during this year.

Our focus for social justice stems from our desire to help those who are vulnerable—and who is more vulnerable than the child whose family is crumbling? We will be focusing our efforts in social justice on supporting and encouraging Safe Families. This is a program facilitated by Bethany Services that allows families in crisis to place their children temporarily into a “safe family” for a short time—rather than having to place the children in the foster care system. This is a great opportunity for Christians to step into crises and demonstrate the love of Jesus to hurting children and families.

Choosing three areas in which to focus our resources and energy allows us to bring greater attention and movement for these areas into our church. This does not mean that other good and important things will not be happening locally, globally, or socially. This does mean that these other things will not be publicized with the same emphasis as our current year focuses. We will be choosing a focus for each academic year so we can bring a richer and fuller amount of attention to these different areas.

Pray as we try to be more intentional and effective in our ministry choices, and pray that we may use our full resources (finances, communication, time, volunteers) to their fullest potential.

Be sure to keep your eyes and your heart open for your opportunity to jump into a local, global, or social justice project!

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