The Christmas season is upon us once again with all of its secular glitz and glitter. It is easy to get caught up in the decorations, Hallmark cards, lights, and presents and miss the deeper truth of Christmas. We have just finished our sermon series on culture and how that affects how we should live as Christ-followers. We could easily lose hope after a series like that and miss the hope that is so evident at Christmastime.

As you arrive at the building over the next several weeks you may notice that we have “overdone” the Christmas decorations. We wanted to exaggerate what could steal our attention from the real Hope of Christmas. Our hope is in the Savior of the world; don’t let the cultural trappings of lights, presents, cookies, and Hallmark cards distract you from Jesus!

HOPE! Luke 1-2

November 29: Hope Surprises
          What can we learn from Mary’s response to this surprising hope?

December 6: Hope Confronts
          How does the hope of Jesus expose and confront our misplaced hopes?

December 13: Hope Invites
          Why might you feel that you are “outside” God’s love?

December 20: Hope Endures
          As we prepare for Christmas, what type of hope is at work in your life?

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