Children’s Ministry Update

Children’s Ministry Update

Children’s Ministry has been focusing on a mission to join children on their spiritual journey, and recently we have experienced evidence that reveals God’s work in our children’s hearts!

One of our fourth graders invited her unchurched friend to a “45 Hang Out Night,” a ministry for our fourth and fifth grade children, and she has continued to come to 45 on Sunday mornings every week for the last two months! She loves to interact with the kids and has been asking great questions. This past Sunday her small group leaders and peers had an opportunity to talk to her about grace after she shared her concern that God couldn’t just keep on forgiving us for all the things we do wrong. We’re celebrating what God is doing in this fourth grader’s heart and are privileged to join her on her spiritual journey!

Just upstairs from this small group is a kindergarten and first grade class who were also doing a lot of celebrating. Three children who have been learning so much about Jesus accepted his invitation to know and walk with him as the savior and leader of their lives!

We’re so thankful for our volunteers who pray for these children, lovingly join them on their spiritual journey, and celebrate milestones with them!

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