Shrouded Hope

Shrouded Hope

The following poem was written by Melody Miller, a member of our congregation, the week before the current sermon series on Hope began. She felt that her hope had somehow gotten lost in a maze of challenges, and she was frustrated with her circumstances, wondering whether hope was even a reality or if it was somehow beyond the reach of this complex season of life.

This poem served as an entry for God’s love and renewal of hope in her life. She recounts, “I had raised my head to the heavens and asked God if at all possible to show me in some way soon that He indeed was seeing. I needed that reminder that He cared. [That first sermon on Hope] was certainly one of His responses of ‘showing up’ for me as I realized anew how intimately He knows and cares to have given me the words to pen that opened and readied my soul for Sunday’s message.”


Shrouded Hope
by Melody Miller

Cloaked with a darkness of brokenness and mess
She wills herself to walk in those doors again.
Passing by the glamour and wrappings of “church,”
Seeking the Inner Sanctuary of Love
Seeking Peace – the absence of chaos
Hope is proclaimed here.
Hope for ALL, she is sure to hear.
Hope for even her, in this shroud of dark she wears?
Knowing she is expected to share this Hope for others in darkness,
She wonders how she qualifies.
Fearing the darkness that covers her contributes little to this spark of Hope she is to share.
If Hope were a candle flame would she not snuff it out?
Her own Hope shrouded with layers of dark.
Will it be safe enough to unwrap a layer of this darkness?
To reveal the pain trapped under this veiling wound tight?
Could it be that she is actually in the company of others wondering the same?
How does one spread this Hope when Hope needs to unravel our own darkness first?
When we walk out the church doors how will Hope be with us – be present?
Will the darkness be less dark, less tightly wrapped around?
So let the layers fall loose, allow this unraveling to happen
Increasing the Hope spark within to shine and be Light for our journey,
For those who journey with us.
So come, enter this Inner Sanctuary seeking Hope Himself.

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