Inclement Weather Guidelines

Inclement Weather Guidelines

It seems like winter weather has had a late start this year. It’s nearly the end of January, and most of us are just now beginning to wonder exactly where it was that we left the shovel last March.

As we prepare for the possibility of inclement weather this winter, here is a reminder of the guidelines we use in order to determine whether the church building will be open and whether ministries and activities will meet.

Sunday services will usually meet unless a state of emergency is declared for Derry Township, Dauphin County, or the state of Pennsylvania. It is possible that some Sunday morning ministries such as children’s classes might be closed even if the main Sunday services are still meeting.

Weekday morning activities will be cancelled if Derry Township School District is closed or has a delayed opening. A two-hour delay means that the church building will open at 10 AM.

Weekday afternoon and evening activities will typically be cancelled if Derry Township School District is closed or has an early dismissal. However, if the predicted weather does not materialize, church leaders may decide to hold evening activities. This decision will be made by 2 PM.

If inclement weather occurs on a planned vacation day for Derry Township School District, or if there are weekend activities planned outside of Sunday morning services, visit the Hershey Free Church website or Facebook page for cancellation details.

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