Living, Loving, and Leading in Women’s Connect

Living, Loving, and Leading in Women’s Connect

Framed in the title of Invitations from God: from Brokenness to Beauty, the Tuesday morning Women’s Connect group has been focusing on a deeper understanding of what it looks like to Live with Jesus, Love like Jesus, and Lead Others to Do the Same. During one session, the women were encouraged to write their story and lay it at the foot of the cross as an acknowledgement that God is writing his story in their stories. Following are excerpts from a few of their stories:

  • From darkness you brought joy, confidence, and peace! You broke the chains of bondage….and set me free! You gave me victory and placed in me a new heart that has overcome. You are personal, real, and life-giving.
  • You have made yourself real through the difficulties I brought on myself during dark years. Those very consequences became the way to come out from under those years. I love who I am. I love what you have done in my life. I love life.
  • He has turned my story of abuse into freedom and healing and deliverance. He is washing me clean and taking my shame and sin away. He is making me holy and beautiful. Now I can lean into you and trust you.
  • I am a work in progress; I thank you God for where you’ve brought me so far. Take these pieces of my life and continue to make a beautiful mosaic out of them. I love you, Lord.
  • Thank you for changing me and transforming my judgmental attitudes into offerings of grace.
  • You are asking me to abide and surrender. You are asking me to let go and let you live in me. You are making me more like you. Thank you Jesus!
  • Failures are a part of my story. Jesus has won the victory for me. He is my life and he has shown me intimacy and acceptance with him. God is restoring the years the locusts have eaten.
  • The Lord is my shepherd who is restoring my soul.
  • God is still transforming me. He’s helping me work on my self-centeredness and to tell my story freely.

We rejoice with these amazing women! Women’s Connect will return in September after taking a summer recess. Click here to enjoy some photos from their spring session.

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