Living, Loving, and Leading in Children’s Ministries

Living, Loving, and Leading in Children’s Ministries

What does it look like for the children in Hershey Free Church to live with Jesus, love like Jesus, and lead others to do the same? Each week children’s ministry volunteers and staff come alongside kids to help them figure this out. Here is one recent story from this journey.

In 45, our fourth and fifth grade ministry, students are encouraged to pray for their friends who don’t know Jesus, and to invite them to come to church. Sometimes a more natural way of doing this is by inviting their friends to a 45 Hang Out Night. These nights are designed for connection and outreach.

For one fourth grade girl, it was her mission to bring her buddy to church. Her leaders prayed alongside of her and sure enough, our 45 student and her friend both came to the hang out night. After leaving, this friend asked her mom if she could come back to church because she enjoyed herself so much. The next Sunday, there she was; and since then, this student has come faithfully each week. She loves learning about Jesus and is hungry to learn God’s Word; she even got her own Bible. In a recent small group time, this student confidently shared what she knew of sin—sharing that when we sin, our hearts become black and God can’t love us anymore. Another student from the small group passionately interjected and shared about grace and how because of the cross we cannot be separated from him—God will always love us, even when we make mistakes. The small group leaders sat there in awe of how these students could share with this visiting friend without needing help from the leaders. These students are learning to share their faith, and this friend is learning all about Jesus because of it.

We may have been praying for the friend to come to church so she could learn about Jesus, but there is no doubt that this experience is also growing the girls in this fourth and fifth grade small group. They are seeing firsthand how their relationship with Jesus is spilling out into how they love others the way Jesus loves them. They are developing into leaders as they bring other friends and encourage them to experience and do the same. Transformation happens in the lives of people all the time, including our children. Our children are modeling Live, Love, Lead in a beautiful way, setting an example for us and discovering for themselves what happens when God transforms our hearts.

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