Alpha: The Story of Shawn and Sarah

Alpha: The Story of Shawn and Sarah

Shawn and Sarah Cable participated in Hershey Free’s very first Alpha course in 2014. At the time they were in a dating relationship. Sarah had grown up in a Christian home, but Shawn was just beginning to really investigate Christianity. Now Shawn and Sarah are both believers and are currently serving as Alpha table leaders together as a married couple.


“Alpha gave me a very comfortable setting in which to ask questions about Jesus and about being a Christian. I believed in God before Alpha but had never asked him to be my Savior, nor did I understand the importance of this.

“Alpha, as designed, illustrates the different aspects of faith and following Jesus. The meal that is shared and casual conversation before the video introduced fellowship. I also learned quickly that not everyone has all the answers and that everyone sins. The walk with Jesus is a lifelong one. We will all stumble, but he will always be looking for us to come back to his table.

“Now with the opportunity to be a table leader I can share my experience with others who are where I was a few years ago.”


“I would say that in Alpha I learned a lot about being a better listener (you really had to listen to understand what some of the questions were truly about). I was able to see how my ‘church answers’ could be confusing or a hindrance at times. I was stretched to really ‘be ready to give an answer.’ Obviously Alpha had a huge impact on my life as without it, Shawn wouldn’t have come to know Jesus and I wouldn’t have my husband!

“I love that we have come full circle! Being a table leader is a great way to show love to those searching (and those there in the same position I was with someone searching). It’s not hard or scary; it’s mostly keeping the conversation going, not having to have all the answers—and being able to encourage that there may not always be one!

“Alpha has been a huge blessing and we’re grateful to have been a part of the first Hershey Free Alpha and now leaders at Alpha spring 2016!”

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