Student Ministries Update

Student Ministries Update

We spent time at the end of June praying for our students as they were preparing for two major events in July: the Challenge Conference and Camp Orchard Hill. Here are a couple of quick highlights from those events.


Pastor David Boerema

Sometimes service opportunities pop up unexpectedly. It’s a joy to see a need and meet it.

Recently our students had a terrific and tangible way to serve the body of Christ while at Challenge in Louisville, Kentucky. As part of the theme “Live Sent,” each participant at Challenge would receive a Rally Towel at the final session. These towels (similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel) would serve to remind students that they are part of God’s family and to live on mission with him every day. These 4,600 towels needed to be placed on every seat in the arena. Not only did we have the privilege to place the towels, but our students went the extra mile to pray for every person that these towels represented. It was deeply moving as we watched students place their hands on the backs of seats and pray for the brother or sister who would sit in that seat and be commissioned to live on mission with God. We got to play a small but vital part in sending 4,600 people to live changed lives in the world for the glory of God.

Thank you for praying for each of us while at Challenge!

Camp Orchard Hill

Pastor Craig Maart

The middle school students went to Camp Orchard Hill last week and had a blast. Yes, there were more fun activities than time to try them all; but the best part of camp was experiencing our spiritual journeys together. The middle school leaders got to walk side-by-side with our students throughout the week and help them process their experiences and the Bible lessons they were learning. Our leaders were leading and living like Jesus did with his disciples.

The theme of the week was “Ready for More.” The more in life is coming. Are we preparing ourselves now to be spiritually ready, or are we living with complacency only to be surprised and unprepared when the more comes? The speaker did a great job threading this theme throughout the week. Our students were engaged and ready for discussion each day.

The boys had a spiritual breakthrough on Thursday night. It became clear that the way some had been treating each other did not line up with the life of Jesus. There was honest and open conversation; and apologies and commitments were made that night. It was awesome. The girls bonded as they cared for each other through the sickness that went through their cabin. Girls who don’t normally hang out had to rely on each other. It was encouraging to see them take on this role as the week went on.

One of our students received a special certificate for serving at the extreme swing throughout most of free time one afternoon. This student’s servant leadership was noticed by camp staff. What a blessing to be around students who are living the way Jesus desires.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. A week like this is a tremendous boost to the disciple-multiplying process at Hershey Free Church. It makes the effort and tiredness well worth it!


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