Can a Christian drink alcohol?

Can a Christian drink alcohol?

Currently we are working through a series of tough questions submitted by members of our congregation. We have chosen six topics to address on Sunday mornings. However, we received many more than six questions! We will be answering several additional questions here on the website in a blog format.

Can a Christian drink alcohol?

Pastor David Boerema

Yes? No? The Scriptures do not make any definitive statements on the consumption of alcohol. While it would perhaps be a whole lot easier if they did, we would then maybe miss the point with this (and a myriad of other issues). The truth is, this is a matter of conscience and consideration.

When a debate arose in the early church on the consumption of meat offered to idols, Paul did not make a definitive statement. Instead Paul pointed the believers to the larger issues of passing judgment, convictions, faith, and mutual edification in Romans 14. In essence, Paul instructs believers to make a decision before God on the matter and to take into account the people around them. Likewise, the matter of drinking alcohol is an issue of conscience and consideration of the people around you.

Believers come down on all sides of this issue. Some have chosen to abstain from drinking alcohol in order to avoid any appearance of evil. Others have decided before God that it is permissible. No matter where you land, be advised that this is not a decision to “drift” into. It’s our responsibility as believers to be informed and to make a decision on the matter. Allow that decision to become a conviction before God, all the while making concession for what others hold as their own conviction.

It is helpful that the Scriptures have laid some clear boundaries in the area of alcohol that we need to acknowledge and obey. Ephesians 5:18 clearly states that we are not to be drunk. Drunkenness is a sin. Romans 14 also mandates that we carefully take into consideration our brothers and sisters in Christ and their edification.

So can you, as a Christian, drink alcohol? Make a conscious, God-honoring decision on this matter, and be considerate of those around you.


  1. tasha brought Says: August 25, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    I think as long as you don’t go out and get drunk constantly. Like some people like to do.

  2. Go to the Scripture. And seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as you look upon our society today within the context of alcohol’s terrible effects. And, ask yourself What Would Jesus WWJD)say about alcohol were he physically walking thru the US today? And, what would societies reaction to His view be? The Bible indicates that wine in moderation is ok. But all the booze we have today? Youth today are pressured to fit in by how much they can hold… Innocents killed by drunk impaired drivers, Impaired drivers themselves, often unsaved, quickly taken (Satan wins one easily there). Many deaths in my experience have been innocent non drinking people, while the drink driver lives. Broken homes, suicides, unfaithful spouses w/o inhibition under the influence. Bars and dining places w/booze are popping up all over our area as alcohol has become the choice for almost all of society, unfortunately many in the church as well. ( you don’t hear pulpit messages about abstinence anymore) Bring a Russian Believer here and ask them how well their society is doing relative to alcohol. Where is the distinction that once was present in our churches-men used to give up alcohol when they became believers.
    Only Wine, and that in moderation. There is never a time and place for drunkeness.
    Blessings on your ministry! God is good always, and forgiveness is His gift to us. Thank you for allowing me to rant…! Bj

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