by Jim Spertzel

God often leads us to do things that don’t seem to make sense or that don’t fit into our perceived plans. Yet he uses our obedience to that calling to change lives and make a difference. Three years ago I decided to sponsor a child in Haiti with GlobalFingerprints. I had never before considered a child sponsorship program because I thought there would be a lack of personal relationship, and that bothered me. I came to realize that GlobalFingerprints is a unique program whose goal is to support struggling families in an attempt to keep the child being sponsored united with the family unit. I have also been able to write and receive letters from my child, Franklin, and to feel included in his education, spiritual and physical health.

I was recently able to meet Franklin and his father in Haiti while on a Global Ministry Team trip. I was unprepared for the emotional impact this experience would have on me. I had prayed for Franklin and his family for the past three years. As I was introduced to them I felt the Spirit of God rush over me. Something that seems so simple—helping to provide access to things like food and clothing—can make a huge impact in God’s Kingdom.

GlobalFingerprints partners with churches in Haiti to send children to school and to care for their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. The program is expanding, and we are inviting the family of Hershey Free Church to consider sponsoring a child in Haiti. Please take some time to pray about your possible role. Instruction cards for sponsorship will be available at Serve Point on Sunday, January 29.

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