Praying in Color

Praying in Color

“Praying in color” is an exercise that we have been doing periodically with KidStep for several months. It is simply a time of prayer, with blank paper available to color or doodle as a way to focus our thoughts or record what we feel like the Holy Spirit might be saying to us. On January 1, we took time in the Sunday morning services to do this together as a congregation. We have received a number of notes and comments from people about their experiences. Below is one of the notes we received. We encourage you to try “praying in color,” and see whether it could be a useful tool for you to use to experience God’s love and grace in a new way.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to “pray in color” a few weeks ago. It was a helpful experience, and I keep feeling like I should let you know about it, so here goes:

When it was time to color, what came to mind was a train—a steam engine. Years ago, when we lived closer to the train tracks, we could hear the train whistles blow at night. One night I was awakened in the middle of the night and shot straight up in bed. I could hear the train whistle blowing, and the Holy Spirit very clearly spoke to my spirit, “It’s time to train.” I knew he meant spiritual training. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I ever truly applied myself to as much spiritual training as I expect he was calling me to, but I very clearly remember the experience and think about it from time to time when I hear a train whistle blow.

So back to coloring. As the memory of that experience and an image of a train came to me, I quickly drew an old-time steam engine with the back wheel much larger than the front one. In the large wheel, which has more power, I wrote the words Scripture Memory. This is something I have been feeling for the past several months that the Lord wants me to do (for the purpose of being able to pray with more power/effectiveness), but I have not really moved beyond wanting/intending to memorize the Word. The second part of the train that I wrote words on was the cowcatcher, in front—Grace and Forgiveness—and it came to me that as obstacles and difficulties cross my path, the way to move through them is with grace and forgiveness. Some other parts of the drawing are a little more self-explanatory. The engine number is 2017. The driver of the engine is wearing a conductor’s hat that says Holy Spirit. The smoke stack has Praise coming out of it. The passenger car behind has Family and Friends in the windows. The coupling connecting the engine to the passenger car is Love, signaling the way to bring others along on this journey with God is with love.

Perhaps the part that has been most meaningful to me came later that day when I was looking at and meditating on the picture. I felt like the train needed a track to run on. My first thought was that it should be the Bible since that is our foundation—standing on the Word of God—but it didn’t quite feel right. I didn’t want to just draw some cute picture with spiritual analogies. I wanted to know what God was saying to ME, so I asked him, “What is the track?” The answer was, “Obedience. You will move forward on the track of obedience.” Even as I hesitated to share this with you, God reminded me of the track and I just had to laugh and say okay.

So thank you again for this opportunity and the picture I now have to remind myself of how God wants me to “train” this year. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

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