The Journey of Identity

The Journey of Identity

In preparation for Easter this year, we invited people to travel through The Journey of Identity: A Sacred Easter Experience. Participants encountered eight rooms in the course of considering how the events of Easter affect our identity. God knows us fully and loves us fully, and through Christ we can have a new identity. Here are some of the comments we received from people who went through this experience:

  • Wonderful and refreshing to my spirit. God’s truth is so much more than the lies I let impact my life. I stand in his love and truth.
  • It’s so incredible to think that God knows me so intimately and loves me deeply.
  • Powerful. Loved the reminder that we get to experience God’s favor and peace everyday, not just when we get to Heaven.
  • Very blessed experience and one that brought me to tears even after 30+ years as a child of the King. Thank you!
  • This cuts right to the core. It has given me a better sense of my true self in God.

If you did not have the opportunity to go through The Journey of Identity, you can still read about and reflect on the topic of identity through the booklet guide. Especially helpful is the addendum, which lists songs and scripture verses that correspond to different themes found in The Journey.

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