GIFT (Global Impact Fund for Transformation)

Global Impact Fund for Transformation

Hershey Free Church (HFC) aims to join with different works and partners in God’s ongoing, redemptive mission. Beyond the Walls gives leadership and focus to the local and global outreach of Hershey Free Church. The leadership team of Beyond the Walls seeks to engage all community members of HFC in the mission of Christ both locally and globally. One of these tools and opportunities for outreach is the Global Impact Fund for Transformation (GIFT).

GIFT (formerly the Global Ministry Project Fund) was established to help fund specific and strategic ministry initiatives in cross-cultural contexts around the world. We specifically seek to use these funds to help the global workers with whom we partner. The funds are intended to help with …

  1. One time capital projects for our foreign, or cross-cultural, missionary family;
  2. Theological education and extension/Bible education for nationals;
  3. Responding rapidly to opportunities.

A GIFT Council and the Beyond the Walls Leadership Team review and approve GIFT Projects.

The breadth of the projects that we have been able to partner in is astounding! In 2017-18, we were able to distribute over $100,000 between our partners and our missionaries’ projects. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to GIFT—your giving has involved you in projects around the world! The projects listed below are a few of the funded projects. The complete list of 2017-18 GIFT projects is available here.

Key Contacts

Dave Hyatt
Dave Hyatt

Pastor for Local and Global Outreach

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Joan Apgar
Joan Apgar

Administrative Assistant for Local and Global Outreach

Burkina Faso

Hershey Free began a multi-year partnership with Global Hope Network International and the village of “KB” in Burkina Faso, West Africa. This village has been impacted by extreme poverty and reliance on handouts. Trained leaders have already begun to coach a small group of villagers in a process called Transformational Community Development. Village committees prioritize the most pressing needs in the areas of water, food, wellness, education, and income. The committees will be coached to find low-cost, low-tech, locally available ways to lead their village to sustainable transformation. So far Hershey has sent two small teams to build relationships and investigate additional ways to partner. ($15,000)

Chinese Translation

In May 2018, Vitaly Petrov and TVSeminary staff will train a team from another organization to dub video courses into Mandarin, a language spoken by over one billion people. The first course to be dubbed will be “Church Planting.” After the China team is trained, they will be able to dub additional courses into Mandarin and make the courses available online. The goal is to see missionaries from China trained and sent out into the world! ($15,000)

Amazon Youth Training

Over the last ten years, Larry Buckman has been setting up training centers in the western and northern Amazon regions of Brazil and Peru to train tribal youth who in turn have the potential to reach tribes in Brazil and Peru who have never heard of Jesus. GIFT funds will help cover the cost of training over 200 of these youth leaders. Other organizations will be equipping these students with solar powered projectors, audio Bibles, and other materials to help take the gospel to other ethnic groups. ($11,500)

El Evangelista Repairs

Over the last ten years, the El Evangelista boat has been used by numerous teams to minister in over 80 villages along the Ucayali River in Peru, provide medical care for over 30,000 patients, plant 39 churches, and install about 1,500 water filters. In addition, many pastors and church leaders are being trained. After these years of use, the El Evangelista was thoroughly inspected this past year, and it was determined that repairs to the hull were needed. ($8,754)

STEP Seminary Students

STEP Seminary students and staff have been building relationships (and houses) in the adjacent Grand Ravine neighborhood for years. Although the area is plagued by gangs, there is an openness to the gospel. Recently, a faculty member and group of students have been asked to focus on planting a non-traditional house church in this neighborhood, with the desire to see long-term gospel transformation. GIFT funds will help provide a basic level of equipping and coaching for this team in order to multiply the establishment of house churches. ($5,750)