1. Lanny Kutz Says: August 22, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    Pastor George,
    Thank you for challenging our thinking and our understanding of scripture and how it impacts our lives as we live out our faith in Christ today. I am troubled when I hear people try to defend a position that is clearly in opposition to scripture, by attributing it to “the culture of the day”. But then I hear someone hold to inflexible positions that are equally troubling just because, “that’s how it has always been”. At times, I picture God sitting, listening to our disagreements with great joy as he observes His children disagree well, without sinning. I think some of the issues for which God has not provided a clear answer in scripture, He placed there in that way so they could be used to teach us how to disagree without becoming enemies.

    Today’s sermon, “Is God sexist?” may well be one of those topics. However, I found that the conclusion of your sermon left me with 2 related questions that I believe are important to me and probably to many others as we worship together as this body we call Hershey Free Church. Those questions are: 1. As my Senior Pastor, I consider your personal conclusions to issues like this, a valuable resource to include when I want to study the issue further. So I ask, where do you come down from your study of this topic of the role of women in the church? 2. As you lead the Elders of Hershey Free Church and then the church itself in policy development, what do you believe the Hershey Free policies should be in this area as we consider the future of our church?

  2. George Davis Says: August 24, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    Hey Everyone:

    I actually responded to Lanny’s post in a personal email. However, here’s what I said…

    My position is what I explained on Sunday. I interpret the New Testament to restrict the highest level of local church authority to men. However, the restriction must be coupled with a commitment to acknowledge and seek to mobilize the gifting of all Christians–both men and women. In terms of church policy, what I described flows out of our policy. While we restrict the office of elder/pastor to men, we want to affirm the gifting of all Christians. Thus, within that framework, our policy places no limits on how and where women can exercise their gifts. I just want us to live up to our policy!

    I also sent Lanny articles by Craig Blomberg (Denver Seminary) and Graham Cole (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School). These guys are gifted scholars, who seek to interpret the Bible carefully. At different places, you can compare these articles and see how scholars who are equally rooted to a high view of Scripture reach different conclusions. I am friends with both of them and can vouch for their commitment to Scripture, to the gospel, and to seeing local churches thrive.

    If you would like copies of these articles, just send me an email request ( Clearly, this series is generating good conversation!

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