Burkina Faso Team

Burkina Faso Team

Hershey Free Church is beginning a multi-year partnership with a village (“KB”) in Burkina Faso, West Africa, to foster Transformational Community Development (TCD). KB has been long impacted by extreme poverty. There is little access to clean water, minimal latrine use, and many children with preventable diseases. The vision is for this village to become a model of transformation that can be replicated in other villages in Burkina Faso and French-speaking West Africa.

TCD is a coaching-based process for helping a village transform itself out of severe poverty. Just like in our partnership in Haiti, Hershey Free is committed to supporting the local people and local ministry endeavors. Trained TCD staff help the village form development committees in the areas of water, food, wellness, education, and income. The committees are coached to find low-cost, low-tech, locally available ways to lead their village to sustainable transformation. Our partner in KB is a local Christ follower committed to showing Christ’s love through TCD and sharing the good news of God’s saving work in Christ in this Muslim-majority country.

During the last week of April, the first Global Ministry Team from Hershey Free will travel to this village, meet the leaders, and discuss their vision for their community. Pray that God will give the team open hearts and willingness to learn as we develop relationships with the people of KB.

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