Recap from Pastor Nick

Challenge was an amazing trip for so many reasons. It was so clear from the onset that God was watching over this trip and had heard your prayers.

Challenge truly challenged and stretched our group throughout our week in Kansas City. All of the speakers and worship leaders did a phenomenal job at opening up God’s Word and leading us into his presence on a daily basis. Some of the other activities we participated in were the Apex Experience (an interactive walk-through experience of what life is like in the Middle East), a breakout session on how to teach and immerse yourself into biblical narratives, and a service project where we helped to clean up a local park.

There are so many stories to share about our time there (please grab a student or leader and ask them about Challenge to hear more), but here are a few highlights I would love to share with you:

  • Students and leaders bonded and participated in activities, Starbucks runs, games, serving projects, conversations, and meals throughout the week.
  • Students were honest and vulnerable about their faith journey and many decided that they needed to let Jesus be their life instead of simply having a piece of it.
  • Students confessed sins, fears, and doubts throughout the week to leaders; and we saw amazing growth and changes as a result.
  • Students decided to take ownership of CORE with a large number of them committing to participate in student leadership in the fall.
  • The group came out unified and more of a family than they were when we started.
  • Students actively participated in our carabiner sharing time. Each student received a carabiner that belonged to someone else, and then throughout the week in our group time they would share encouraging things about that person in front of the group. So many happy tears, hugs, and shouts of affirmation happened during these times.
  • As a result of what they learned throughout the week, students let go of what they had been holding onto and decided to trust God and reach their friends. And I am so excited to report that they are doing just that!

Challenge was nothing short of awesome, but that would not have been possible without you. Thank you for praying for our trip and for allowing us to pour into and shepherd your students. Make sure to check out our Facebook page for more pictures and updates from the week!

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