Sermon Series: Jesus Unleashed

Sermon Series: Jesus Unleashed

On September 9, we will start a new sermon series called Jesus Unleashed. This series will take some topics that are often seen as barriers to Christianity and present them with the heart and mind of Jesus. One of our goals for this series is that everyone will walk away having seen Jesus. As we encounter Jesus, our lives should reflect his glory and his love. We can take this opportunity to re-think our own perspective and focus anew on Jesus’ words through the lens of truth and grace. Too often, Christians are known for what they oppose instead of being “for” people.

While this series will be taught specifically to the non-Christian audience, these are truths that anyone can wrestle with. As a Christ-follower you may be asking the same questions. Or one day someone might ask these questions of you. We will acknowledge the difficulties of certain Christian beliefs and evaluate carefully what Jesus said about those topics in hopes that a more accurate picture is painted of what it means to be a Christian.

Topics are as follows:

  • September 9 – Jesus on Identity
  • September 16 – Jesus on Intolerance
  • September 23 – Jesus on Sex
  • September 30 – Jesus on Hypocrisy
  • October 7 – Jesus on Stress

Each of these topics will be addressed in a sensitive manner so that we will not embarrass you if you invite your non-Christian friends. We want to be a resource and encourage you as you engage people within your own spheres of influence. Together we continue on this journey of living with Jesus, loving like Jesus, and leading others to do the same.

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