A Story to Tell (Christmas Sermon Series)

A Story to Tell (Christmas Sermon Series)

As we enter the Christmas season, most of us will participate in various holiday traditions. We will go shopping. We will attend parties. We will listen to Christmas music and spend time with friends and family. We will also remember the Christmas story. However, while we know about the angels, the shepherds, and the baby in a manger—do we know the whole story?

This Christmas, we will take time to work through the prophecy of Jesus’ birth found in Isaiah 9:6. It’s a prophecy that anticipates more than a baby’s birth—it anticipates the coming of a transformational king.

For those of us who are Christians, this passage helps us celebrate the full meaning of Jesus’ birth. However, it also challenges us to realize that many people around us don’t know the whole story. Consequently, we have a story to tell!

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