Spiritual Checkup

Spiritual Checkup

Spiritual Checkup
by Nick Mance, Pastor for Student Ministries

As we head into the new year, it is often a time of refreshment and refocusing; and it gives us a sense of a new beginning. New habits are formed (I promise I will work out…), priorities are strengthened, and resolutions are made. It is a great time for many of us as we begin to think about a fresh start for our lives, and we can also apply this to our spiritual walk as well. This is a natural moment to consider where we are spiritually, what rhythms are working and which need adjustment, and how we can be more engaged in our walk with Jesus.

A spiritual checkup is a lot easier than a checkup at your doctor (no shots!), but it can cause us to have to do a little heart surgery at times as we answer honestly. Below are a few ways that you can engage your whole family with a spiritual checkup. Each option is a little different and will provide you with unique insight and creative ways to move forward.

  • Spiritual Health Assessment: This PDF is a resource designed to help you know how you are engaging in your walk with Jesus. It provides five key areas in our lives that we can be maturing in and gives two follow-up questions. Use this as a family and engage with it by finding ways to help and encourage each other.
  • Spiritual Formation Exercise: This is a short but powerful resource from Kurt Willems of Theology Curator that helps you to engage Scripture in a slower, more contemplative way. It is a great resource to use to start the year together as a family, and it also provides a framework for how to creatively engage with God’s Word going forward.
  • Spiritual Gifts Test: This is an awesome way to find out how God has gifted you and to utilize those gifts as a way of serving in your community. You can use this as an opportunity to develop new habits that are rooted in natural strengths and giftedness.

Our prayer for you and your family as you start 2019 together is that it is a year where God radically moves in the lives of your family, a year where you see growth and spiritual formation, and a year where you run passionately after Jesus and take the truth of the gospel to those who need it. Have a blessed New Year!

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