The Bible and Real Life

The Bible and Real Life

The Bible and Real Life
by Pastor Nick Mance


Let’s be honest for a moment: we all have questions about the Bible and at various points have struggled to find time to get into God’s Word. Whether we are busy, life gets complicated, we fall out of rhythm, or we have found it to be seemingly out of touch with culture, we all have struggled here in one way or another. For students this is no different. They have questions—lots of them—and many of them involve engagement with their cultural surroundings, relationships with friends, and practical application.

This can seem overwhelming, especially when we don’t have all the answers or don’t believe we have the suitable knowledge to respond. So what do we do? In working in student ministry, we have utilized many resources when it comes to answering questions; and we wanted to share with you some of our “go to” resources. These resources allow for us to find answers and knowledge but also give us an opportunity to point students towards investigating and learning as well.

All of these resources are designed to help you engage with your students, and help them develop in their spiritual formation and walk with Jesus. As we have been gaining momentum with the Mark Series, we have seen students show a hunger to be in the Word but sometimes a hesitancy to do so because they need someone to walk with and help them, and we believe these resources will afford you opportunities to do just that.

Our hope and prayer is that these resources help you and your family to engage with Scripture, investigate hard questions, and engage with the culture from a biblical perspective. If you have any questions, or would like additional resources, please reach out to us and we will be happy to get them into your hands.

  • Got Questions—This website offers a ton of biblically sound answers to a lot of the questions we all face in an easy to search fashion.
  • Blue Letter Bible—This website offers devotionals, a topic search, study materials, and more. There is also an app version for this as well.
  • Topical Bible—A great site where you can literally search the Bible for anything and everything and it points you to some amazing information.
  • YouVersion Bible App—Found in both the App Store and Google Play, this Bible app features the Bible in multiple translations and languages, Bible study plans, devotionals, and reminders to get into the Word.
  • Genesis Apologetics App—This app has a lot to do with why we believe what we believe, and how we know it to be true. There are videos and articles by noted scientists about how we can trust what is in God’s Word.
  • Follow on—This is the link to our Mark series that we are doing on Sundays at Hershey Free. It has both the adult and student books, as well as many other resources for you to utilize.

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