Reflection on the Past Year in KidStep

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Reflection on the Past Year in KidStep
by Katie Searfoss, Director for Children’s Ministries


This last year at KidStep moved me. It started with a prayer, as it does every year, for a direction for KidStep to focus on this year. The words that came to mind were “Only Jesus.” It became our mantra, our compass, and even the name of the new curriculum we wrote and launched this year: Only Jesus: Stories of What He has Done, What He is Doing, and How that Changes Everything. We know that Jesus has always been working in this ministry. We determined that this year would be the year we would write those stories down, so that we could celebrate more of what Jesus is doing here in the lives of our kids, our families, our volunteers, and in us. So we asked our volunteers to start telling us “only Jesus” stories from their own lives and from their classrooms. We asked that they point the kids back to Jesus in each story. In the Mark series, 16 different teachers each took one week and shared with the elementary children a little more about who Jesus is from that particular passage, and then they shared about how Jesus changed their own life. We heard their testimonies, but we also began seeing kids being able to connect the dots of how Jesus has changed their life, too.

I could tell you story after story about this. But here is just a glimpse of what we are celebrating from this last year: 9 babies dedicated, 9 children baptized, 16 children asking Jesus into their hearts, 1 KidStep GlobalFingerprints child asking Jesus into his heart, the kids brought in money for 56 goats (for the goat-loan program in Burkina Faso), 76 kids helped lead worship on Christmas Eve, and 2 missionaries visited our kids, leaving 1 child in particular asking Jesus to send her as a missionary someday, too. We’ve watched kids learn how to live with Jesus in a deeper way through how they pray, worship, and sit quietly with Jesus. We’ve watched kids love like Jesus as we’ve seen some older elementary kids want to start serving in KidStep with younger children and as we saw them serve so beautifully at Church: Beyond the Walls in many different projects. And we’ve watched kids lead others to do the same by inviting their friends to Above and Beyond (camp) last year, 4th and 5th grade hang out nights this school year, and to KREW this summer.

This last year moved me. It’s not because this year was different; it’s because this year I felt like Jesus invited me to be quieter and watch for these moments and document them for future generations of our church to read about. When you’re looking for these moments, they’re not hard to find—they happen every week because Jesus is constantly working in the lives of our KidStep friends, and in us. Only Jesus.


  1. Dale Jones Says: June 11, 2019 at 3:59 am

    Thanks for your dedication to reaching kids for Christ! And thanks for your leadership you’ve put forth this past year! We give all the praise and glory to God!

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