Burkina Faso Team Update

Burkina Faso Team Update

Last week Hershey Free sent a women’s Global Ministry Team to Burkina Faso in West Africa. In partnership with Global Hope Network International, Hershey Free is sponsoring the village of “KB” as they go through a Transformational Community Development (TCD) Program. The TCD program is designed to establish local leadership and collaboration in areas of water, food, health, education, and income generation to elevate the community out of poverty. During the team’s time in the village, Brenda, Florence, Katie, and Caitlyn worked with the full-time onsite staff (also the pastor of the village) to teach lessons on topics such as general hygiene, germs and wound care, food preservation, healthy relationships, protecting children from trafficking, and creating businesses for goods and services missing in their community.

The team also worked on building relationships with the people of KB, especially with the women and children of the village. In addition, they had the opportunity to see the progress of the grain mill and meet some of the goats from the goat loan program, two items that the members of Hershey Free Church were instrumental in bringing about.

Thank you for your prayers for our Burkina Faso team. Continue to pray for KB, for individual hearts and for the ongoing transformation of the village. Also pray for Burkina Faso as a country as they face political and religious unrest.


“When this trip popped up early in the year, I was excited to go, but also struggled with letting fear hold me back. Each time I would take a new worry to God, a so-very-clear peace and confidence of who Jesus is would wash over me. And so I hopped on an airplane feeling excited at the adventure to come!

During my time in Burkina Faso, Jesus provided new friends to serve alongside and learn so much from. He provided a village who welcomed us with open arms and translators who helped us communicate. And one of my favorite parts was he provided 50+ little people with bright eyes and big smiles to play, color, and love on each day.

I’m home now with a full heart and thankful that God is bigger than all my fears! What an adventure I would have missed out on if I had let fear win!”
—Caityln Breitenbach


See more photos on Hershey Free’s Facebook page!


  1. Marilyn Allen Says: June 24, 2019 at 10:15 am

    Dear Caitlyn, Thank you for sharing about your struggle with fear versus faith. You are an inspiration for us to follow suit and trust that God is bigger than all our fears. God bless you.

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