Reflection on the Past Year in CORE

Reflection on the Past Year in CORE

Reflection on the Past Year in CORE
by Nick Mance, Pastor for Student Ministries


This past year in CORE has been one for the books. We could sense early on that God was moving in big ways, and our prayer and vision has been to make disciples who make disciples. We started off the year by asking our leaders to join us in praying bold prayers for the student ministry program—to ask God to do great things in and through students. And as we submitted to God and sought his will in CORE we have seen some exciting milestones this year:

  • Multiple new students visiting and becoming a regular part of CORE
  • Restarting Group Nights
  • Journeying with the whole church through the gospel of Mark
  • Witnessing 30 students step out in faith and be baptized
  • Having multiple students follow Jesus for the first time
  • No broken bones … that we know of
  • New leaders stepping up and leading out
  • CORE raised the most money ever at our annual brunch
  • A new mission partnership has begun with Downey Elementary
  • A new Connect Group called Student Parent Connect was started to equip parents in loving and shepherding their families
  • 18.24 has seen new students attend, exciting conversations happen, and growth occur
  • Over 50 students are going on mission trips around the world this summer

The 2018-2019 school year has been an exciting one. God has moved in ways we have been praying for and in ways we didn’t expect. Through it all, he has been faithful and we have seen CORE multiply itself both inside and outside the walls of Hershey Free. Our desire to see God radically move and for discipleship to grab ahold of our students has happened, and we are so excited to see what this next year holds. Our prayer going forward is “God, use students to change this community and grow the kingdom of heaven.”

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