by Patty Shenk


Serving has been a part of my life as a long-time member of Hershey Free Church. Being involved in ministry is a great way to meet people and develop relationships. Your focus also shifts from yourself to others. I began by working in the nursery with my mother and sister many years ago. I later began greeting and participating in various service projects when I joined a Sunday school class.

About seven years ago I became involved with the Shepherding Ministry and the Alpha Team. These two ministries have been a blessing to me, not only because they are in my “sweet spot,” but they are the perfect opportunity for getting involved in the lives of others and developing deep relationships. I am always amazed at how God puts women in my life who are a perfect fit for me. Our life circumstances are always similar, which affords me the opportunity to help them through difficult life circumstances in which I have already experienced healing.

If you are new to the church or just haven’t gotten involved in serving, I urge you to grab a friend, a family member or spouse and serve together in an area that excites you. The Lord will use you in ways that will strengthen your faith and bless you in ways you could not have imagined.

You can learn a little more about Patty through her Volunteer Spotlight video. If you’d like to talk about how to match your interests and skills with serving opportunities, email

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