New Wife, New Life

New Wife, New Life

New Wife, New Life
by Andrew Nilson

This is a recent update from Andrew Nilson, one of Hershey Free Church’s supported missionaries. Andrew serves with Cru on college campuses in the Boston area. He is the son of Hershey Free members, Bruce and Donna Nilson. Andrew and his wife, Marie, will be visiting with us on Sunday, August 11, and will be in Connecting Point between services. Everyone is also invited to lunch at 12 PM that day, when Andrew and Marie will share more about their ministry.

Major transitions in life have a way of requiring much of our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual energy. Recently, I have gone through some major transitions, finishing a school year, moving apartments, and beginning a new life with my wife, Marie Nilson. I still find it strange to call her Mrs. Nilson. It has been far too long since I have written one of these prayer letters to you, my most faithful partners in ministry; and I apologize for the lack of regular updates, but it was not because of lack of desire. This spring has been a learning curve of new rhythms, new life, and a new wife.

Let me give you some updates first and then share some stories to conclude. I married the love of my life, Marie Davidson, on April 28, 2019, and I cannot believe the Lord would bring me such a wonderful gift of a person. Our wedding day was filled with love from friends and family, and friends that feel like family. After our honeymoon, we returned to Boston where she and I will serve with Cru on my team here in Boston. I moved from Somerville, and we now live in a new apartment at 57 Channing Road, Watertown, MA 02472 (in case you would like this). Because the two of us will be serving together, you and I are joined by Marie and her team, expanding the number of those working together in prayer and finances to advance the grace of God to students on college campuses. Because of this merge of teams, Marie and I will be writing our prayer letters together updating you on our lives. We are in Ministry Partner Development mode as we seek to develop some new partners this summer to join our team so that we can continue to be financially supported as we reach college students. Our needs this summer are to raise $5,000 of one-time support and around $1,500 of new month-to-month supporters. We ask that you prayerfully consider how God might be calling you to be a part in prayer and finances. We trust God will provide what we need. This summer we will be spending about a month in Colorado so that I can go to team leader training with Cru and she can attend the Institute of Biblical Studies for Cru as part of her development.

As far as seminary goes, I am six classes away from graduating and anticipate finishing in December of this year. This past spring, I only took two classes due to planning a wedding, finding an apartment, and moving Marie to Boston. It was the right decision. I took a Hebrew Exegesis in Old Testament Poetic and Prophetic Texts along with a Church History class. I wrote my Hebrew paper on Isaiah 40:9-11 because I think this is where Mark gets the word “gospel” or good news. The good news for Mark through Isaiah is “Here is your God” (v.9). What is unbelievable to us and the first hearers is that this proclamation is made about a man, Jesus of Nazareth. If you are wondering what my plans are beyond seminary, I plan to keep being faithful with where God has placed me working in both missions with Cru and the local church until God says otherwise.

One of the most amazing stories to watch unfold this year was a young woman named Lauren. After connecting with Cru last spring, she amazed me when she took the step of faith to join me at Yellowstone Summer Mission. She was discipled by Marie there and returned with a desire to spread the message of Christ through a transformative community. Lauren not only shared her faith in winsome ways this year, but she taught several women to share their faith as well. As far as I know, six women indicated they gave their lives to Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit through Lauren’s faithfulness this year. When such radical transformation happens in a person’s life, people unquestionably notice. Some count it for the better, others raise questions. Although some don’t yet understand Lauren’s transformation, none can deny it has taken place. She has decided to take another large step of faith and is joining our team to serve with Cru next year. It takes faith to travel that far in a year from not being a Christian to following God’s call to missions. She has met God and experienced flourishing freedom from sin and brokenness in her life. Lauren is the reason Marie and I do what we do. Not so that students would join Cru, but so that they would be radically changed by meeting God, that their plans become his, and that their hearts become his. It is our hope that our partnership with you will lead to many more who are forever changed who then go out to be agents of that same change. Thank you for making this possible.


  1. Brian & Ally O’Neal Says: August 7, 2019 at 6:03 pm


    We are so proud of you and love to hear of the work that is happening! Even more so your union with Marie is super exciting and we are looking forward to hear how this new partnership unfolds through your work in Cru. Boston is lucky to have y’all!

    Love & blessings,

    Brian & Ally

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