Night of Worship Testimony

Night of Worship Testimony

Night Of Worship Testimony
By Ginny McIlhenny

September 24th, was a warm and sunny day, the sky was deep blue and the clouds were big and fluffy, truthfully it was much like our wedding day and yet it became the darkest day of my life. My husband and I had a weekend full of some ups and downs but not unlike any other married couple could have, except that this time he had checked out mentally and allowed the enemy to feed him all sorts of lies. My sweet, handsome, hunk of burning love, and father of our five precious children, listened to the lies that haunted him and that finally won his choice to take his own life. But I believe with all my heart that while the enemy desired to destroy us here on earth, he did not win, nor did he win the soul of my beloved husband of 34 years, who is now present with the Lord. I have great hope in knowing that someday we will worship King Jesus together forever!

It is this hope that gives me great strength and belief that God is always going before us! God was not caught off guard by my husband’s choice to take his own life, rather he was waiting for him as he entered his presence He had already made provisions for me and my children long before this awful choice, and he continues to be present with us now through the provisions of his people. It has been truly amazing to watch.

I can’t tell you how appropriate it was that God even orchestrated for there to be a “Night of Worship” scheduled at Hershey Free Church that Saturday – only four days after our loss. Praise and worship were what got me through the first couple days, thanks to my dear friend Josiah, who came and played the guitar for me around a sweet campfire with friends, and then to know that I could corporately worship with the body of believers who were loving on us so dearly was simply awesome! It was not easy for my family to go with me that night but I’m glad they did, because, for me, it was a way of praising the one who holds our beloved now, and most of all, a way of not letting the enemy have a foothold on us! The bible is clear throughout that God is worthy of our praise and worship and that when we do that, the enemy flees. The song that stuck out to me the most that night was, “Is He Worthy?” by Chris Tomlin, and the answer is, Yes, He is! This is not my battle, this is the Lord’s. There is nothing I can do to change any of it, but I believe that God is working in all of it! I don’t like the sound of that, but I trust God with my life and I will continue to praise his mighty name and not let the enemy destroy me!

I am so grateful for my church family, and I would like to especially thank our worship team at HFC who, week after week, desire to lead us in praising and lifting up the name of Jesus! Thank you, Bob, Karen, Josiah, and all those who served at that Night of Worship. I know it wasn’t easy to have us in the crowd because you love us and you were hurting too, but I am thankful for the strength you had to keep us focused on Him! Most of all, thank you Jesus, for always going before us and for showing us that YOU are in control, not the enemy! I will keep my eyes on you and continue to praise your great and mighty name! All Hail King Jesus!


  1. Margaret Shaver Says: December 3, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    Thank you Ginny and family for your amazing testimony and keeping your eyes lifted up to Jesus. The body of Christ was and is so important through these difficult times. Life is hard, but God is so good. We love you all so very much and pray daily that God will sustain you and keep you in His loving arms.

    Rick and Marg Shaver and family

  2. Well said! I’m so thankful to have heard, many years back when another Christ follower made the same choice, “God didn’t call him, but He DID WELCOME HIM with open arms.”
    I believe Jeff even heard, “Well done! My good and faithful servant.”
    Just because the liar succeeded one moment in time, does not negate a lifetime of loving, giving, serving, sacrificing and living for Jesus.
    I’m super thankful it’s faith that accesses heaven for us and not our deeds! What SECURITY!!
    You bless me, Ginny. I’m so proud of you.
    “Dad” is too! ❤️

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