Bridge Building Moments

Bridge Building Moments

We invite you to join us on a Bridge Building adventure. Bridge Building is a faith-stretching next step in a relationship. It could be a simple conversation that you might not have had otherwise, praying for a neighbor that you want to begin to get to know, or having a Zoom coffee date. It’s taking an intentional step outside your comfort zone.

Our goal is to create paths for conversation, for sharing Christ’s love, and for walking with others during this season of divisiveness. In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers. Our friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family members need to know that we are for them. This is an opportunity to live out the fruit of the Spirit. Be kind, be gracious with people, be a listener. This is a time to stretch our faith muscles. The gospel needs to be shared more than ever as we persevere in relationships that may be difficult.

Bridge Building is one way to embody Christ, demonstrating how he broke down barriers for the sake of the gospel. We are a culture that is used to controlling our situations and environments, not naturally taking vulnerable risks. Be sensitive to the nudge from the Holy Spirit. If you feel prompted to ask one more question, then do it! Bridge Building isn’t wholly dependent on you, it’s a process. You are not building the entire bridge, but you can mix some mortar or place another brick. While we want you to be fully involved in building bridges, we don’t want you to take too big a first step. Don’t try to do it all at once. Our goal is to build relationships by getting into the habit of taking next steps.

We would love you to join us on our Bridge Building mission. You can find out more information, read Bridge Building stories, and commit to Bridge Building by visiting

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