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Our mission is “Joining Children on their Spiritual Journey.” The purpose of KidStep is to intentionally focus on ways that we can help children from birth through fifth grade take next steps of faith. KidStep is providing online resources to encourage kids to worship and be in the word when they are at home.

Join us every Sunday at 8:30 AM for Breakfast with KidStep! Each week, preschool and elementary kids can log onto Zoom to chat with peers, participate in an activity, share prayer requests with teachers, and watch the KidStep service!

Zoom Information: Meeting ID: 875 2133 9302 | Passcode: HFC

We are excited to announce an in-person relaunch of KidStep preschool and elementary (2-year olds thru grade 5) starting October 4 at the 10:30 AM service. All KidStep classes will be held in the 3-story wing (affectionately known as the KidStep Tower). Here is what you can expect in-person Sunday ministry to look like:

  • Registration: You must register here for the 10:30 AM KidStep classes. With a limited number of spaces, we have also created a wait list. If, for some reason after registering, your family is no longer able to attend, please let us know by emailing Caitlyn Breitenbach so we can make every possible spot available.
  • Pre-Check In: All KidStep children must wear a mask inside the church building, including while in their classrooms. Preschoolers will have a scheduled bathroom break, however, we ask that you also have them use the bathroom before dropping them off.
  • Check In: When your family arrives on Sunday morning, have one parent come to the check-in station at the Orange Lobby outside the Kidstep Tower. This is the only check-in station for all children. At the registration table five things will happen:
  1. Every child will have a touchless temperature check;
  2. You will be asked a few basic health screening questions;
  3. A name tag will be given to each child and you will receive the matching pick-up tag;
  4. Children will use hand sanitizer;
  5. A guide will escort children to their classroom using a one-way traffic pattern. Parents will not be allowed into the KidStep tower.
  • During Service: Children will stay in their assigned classroom throughout the entire service. Each classroom floor is equipped with Velcro squares to help kids maintain physical distancing. Our desire is for KidStep to continue to be a place for children to go deeper with Jesus, so during the service they will participate in worship, spiritual formation activities, a Bible lesson, and a craft. Children will have their own basket of supplies to be used throughout the morning. Our preschoolers will also be given the opportunity to have some free play with toys that have been sanitized before use. There will be no snacks served at this time.
  • Pick Up: When the service is over, one parent will return to the Orange Lobby registration table with the pick-up tag. Our team will then use a radio call system to alert classroom guides to bring your child back to you. We will match your pick-up tag to their name tag and, once verified, will release your child to your care.
  • Wellness Policy: Now, more than ever, we will be adhering strictly to our wellness policy. Should your child have any of these symptoms 24 hours before Sunday morning, email Caitlyn Breitenbach, Director for Children’s Ministry, to let us know you will not be coming to church.
  • During the Week: Every room, including all hard surfaces, will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • COVID-19: If anyone in your household contracts COVID-19, please notify Caitlyn Breitenbach immediately. When we are made aware of such a situation, we will keep the family details in confidence and we will notify all families who had potential exposure. The KidStep tower will be closed until CDC cleaning and disinfecting guidelines have been fulfilled.

We are excited to join your children on their spiritual journey at KidStep!


CORE Student Ministries

CORE is a place for high school and middle school students to connect with one another, with older mentors, and with Jesus. Our desire is to help students become disciple-makers and to walk alongside both them and their parents in their faith journeys.

We want you to understand that plans for the fall are fluid and are not what we normally do. However, this is an opportunity we are embracing as we work to develop a community of disciples who are sent to build the Kingdom of God. At this time CORE will not be gathering physically in the building on Sundays. An encouragement video for families will be posted every Sunday on, CORE’S social media channels, as well as on YouTube. These will be no longer than 5 minutes and are meant to be a catalyst for families to engage God’s Word at a deeper level with their students. We also encourage you to check out our devotional guide that accompanies the weekly sermon.

Starting September 23 through December 16, CORE small groups will meet in local homes. These home groups will watch a pre-recorded lesson by Pastor Nick and Pastor Craig and have time together for discussion questions, prayer, games, and to engage in the discipleship process. Details about locations are being worked out at this time. Please contact Pastor Nick or Pastor Craig with any questions.

  • Middle School Home Groups will meet from 6:45 to 8:15 PM.
  • High School Home Groups will meet from 7 to 8:30 PM.

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Nick Mance

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