Who We Are

For information about what to expect on your first Sunday at Hershey Free Church, explore our I’m New page.

Who We Are

Living with Jesus, Loving like Jesus, and Leading Others to Do the Same

The invitation of Jesus is to become his disciple and follow his way of life. At Hershey Free we believe a disciple of Jesus is someone who lives with Jesus, loves like Jesus, and leads others to do the same. This means we want to be a place where you can learn about Jesus and connect with him. We want you to experience God’s love and find opportunities to share that love. And we want you to discover your gifts and be able to serve within the church and in the wider area.

Living with Jesus is not merely practicing habits of Bible study and prayer out of duty. Rather it is taking the time to be with Jesus through reflecting on his Word to us and creating space to hear the Spirit speaking to us. It is intentionally developing habits that help us know Jesus better and become more like him.

Loving like Jesus flows naturally from being with him. As we receive his gift of love, we give it out of the overflow of what we have received from him. As we become more and more aware of his great love to us, we intentionally look for opportunities to give that love away.

Leading others to do the same is a result of the joy we experience in our relationship with Jesus. Out of that relationship, we intentionally engage others in our spheres of influence to take next steps in living with Jesus and loving like Jesus.

Where We Come From

Hershey Free Church is part of a larger association, the Evangelical Free Church of America. As a denomination, “We are a community of believers who are committed to Jesus Christ, the gospel and to one another. Connected by our theological convictions, we exist to glorify God and multiply transformational churches among all people.”

You can read the EFCA’s statement of faith. Hershey Free Church believes in the same 10 statements.

The following links will provide info about the EFCA and the Eastern District of the EFCA.



Where We Are Headed

We believe the hope and joy of Jesus can best be discovered in relationships with other people. We continue to embrace and value our small groups as well as our weekday Connect Groups. And we want people to experience an intimate and intentional relationship with Jesus by building rhythms into their lives that put them in the path of Jesus. Our Core Values help shape our events and decisions as we seek God’s direction.