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Current Sermon Series

This Christmas season, we are focusing on the family history of Jesus by looking at the genealogy in Matthew 1:1-17. As we look at this geneaology, we see people just like us grafted into Jesus’ family tree. We are reminded of God’s grace. We are challenged by the fact that being a part of Jesus’ family includes participation in his ongoing mission.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Eve Services

7 PM on Saturday, December 23, in the sanctuary, preceded by food trucks starting at 4:30 PM

8 AM on Sunday, December 24, Heritage service in the auditorium

9 and 10:30 AM on Sunday, December 24, Christmas Eve services in the sanctuary

There will be no child care at any of these services, including no nursery.

11 PM on Christmas Eve, ending as we officially welcome Christmas Day together. This service will be different from our other sanctuary services, which will all be the same.

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